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Reference: BH46IV101-P
Location: IVANICA - BH (Dubrovnik: 8km)
Type: Building plot
Price: 65 € /m2
Property description
For sale are 230 building plots in a new development site “Ivanica Hill”, at the proximity of 8km to Dubrovnik, above Dubrovnik Riviera, just across the border to Bosnia-Herzegovina (BH). Each plot has a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea. The concept plan of the “Ivanica Hill” project covers an area of 50 hectares, 5000m wide area, that stretches from the border of Croatia to the height of Ivanica Hill, facing towards the sea. The project foresees the village center which will have shops, restaurants, hotel, petrol station, tennis courts and other facilities. The size of the plots is 500-900m2 and the roads are already in place. The developer will provide the complete infrastructure: water, electricity, sewage and telephone services. More than half of the plots are already sold, buyers mostly being foreign investors and private persons, as this is a unique opportunity to get an affordable villa at such close proximity to Dubrovnik. The purchase formalities are done by a law firm, to make sure that all the paperwork is done accurately and in accordance with the law. Upon the purchase of the plot, we can also offer you a complete service to build your dream house: making of the building plans and building. This is done in cooperation with our partner company PROJECT INVEST. Once the building is finished, HPM-Herzeg Property management offers various property management packages which can be tailored exactly to suit your needs. Our services include: furnishing, equipping, decorating, key safe-keeping, paying of the bills, house maintenance, swimming pool and garden maintenance. If you wish to rent you house to tourists in the periods that you do not occupy it, we offer also a complete package of tourist-rental service, which is an ideal way to cover for your maintenance costs.
Location description

Ivanica is located in the hills overlooking the Dubrovnik Riviera in the border region between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, on the Herzegovinian side, at a distance of 5 km from the sea and 8km from Dubrovnik. The distance to Trebinje, the nearest city in Bosnia-Herzegovina is 15 km.

The village used to be a very popular vacation settlement for people from all over former Yugoslavia, but it was mostly favored by people from Dubrovnik who wanted to escape the summer crowds and the heat in Dubrovnik, which makes Ivanica an ideal second-home or vacation place. It is also very well located if you want to visit Dubrovnik or take a swim on the lovely beaches of Dubrovnik Riviera, or make exploring excursions to Croatia, Montenegro ad Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Due to the ionized sea air, the hills above Dubrovnik are well known as an air-health-spa which is very beneficial for those with respiratory problems.

Access Road:
Building permit:
Occupancy permit:
Urban Development Permit:
Distance to the city center: Dubrovnik: 8km
Distance to the airport: 19km
Distance to the beach: 5km

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